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Alice's Room

Home and office decluttering, organization and interior design.
Born in Italy, Based in Berlin, working worldwide, online and in person.

I take care of home, offices and digital decluttering, I create organization systems to make

my clients' life easier, and I design houses and spaces that are both beautiful and functional.











If you are here, you might need an interior designer that takes care of your needs and not only your wants, someone to just discuss ideas with, or guidance to follow you through your process, maybe even just a person to help you re-organize your kitchen or wardrobe.

Interior design can do wonder in a space, but if the look of a home takes over the functionality of it, there is very little chance that the place will stay as beautiful, clean and tidy as it is right after renovating it.

For this reason, I like to start, where needed, from a decluttering: tackling all the stuff that takes space in our homes and offices without a real reason, so that we can assess what is staying and will need to be taken into consideration.
Next off, it's you, your family, or your business' needs. The high trafficked ares, the most used objects and so on, to create

custom organization plan that works specifically for your space, cause no two humans work or live in the same way.

Last but not least, the aesthetic: it's how to put our plan into action while keeping the space as aesthetically pleasing as possible. ​

Often times decluttering and organizing your home can be more than enough for you to feel like you live in a new, refreshed space.

The services I offer are multiple, from a full A to Z space remodel, to a simple consultation.

Send me an email and get a first consultation free of charge.

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