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Alice's Room

Closet and small spaces


Your closet. The weird space under your sink. The entryway console. Kitchen cabinets. Utility closets.

Those are spaces that for some reason seem, no matter our efforts, to constantly be untidy, as if clutter build up during the night.

Lo and behold, there is actually a reason for this: your current organization system doesn't work. 
When it's too much work to put things back where they belong, you'll end up just tossing them aside, to deal with later. 

While with an efficient organization system, everything is accessible enough for you to keep it tidy with minimum effort.

Most of us fall into the mistake of keeping things as their are used to, and often this means sacrificing functionality: your things around the house still sit where you put them when you first moved in, they are where they alway belonged,  you never thought much of it. 
Truth is, each person and each family has specific needs, and a single system can't serve every family, most probably it can't even serve one family as it goes through that like brings. We need to adapt and update our organization systems as our lives and our needs develop.

And this is what i can help you with.

Together, we can tackle the highly trafficked areas of your house that usually end up being a mess over time. We declutter the excesses, and explore your needs so that we can come up with an effective plan that will help keep your place tidy.


The pricing varies depending on the extent of the work, the hourly rate it 40€.

As for any service I offer, you get a first free of charge consultation.

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