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Alice's Room

Computer and digital organization


A crazy cluttered desktop, a download folder with files from years ago, email attachments downloaded 4 times, family pictures piled up in random folders, business assets and invoices nowhere to be found right when we need them: all these things take away tons of time and energies from our daily life, while businesses get stuck and slowed down.
Often time the problem is not us, it's the lack of an
organization system that works properly, and that is both easy enough for us to deal with it, and forgiving for when we make mistakes or are in a rush. Learning a simple system to deal with your computer can make a difference between working 1 hour on a job or working 3 hours for the same result, just because of the time you spent trying to navigate your computer.

I work with freelancers, business owners, influencers, stay at home parents, and even entire companies that would like all their employee

to adopt the same organization and filing system. 

The pricing varies depending on the extent of the work, the hourly rate it 40€.

As for any service I offer, you get a first free of charge consultation.

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