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Alice's Room

House organization


Our homes can get pretty messy. And often, we blame ourselves for it: we are lazy, we have too much to do, our family is too big.
Most of the times though, the biggest issues causing clutter to pile up and rooms to turn into a mess before you can blink, it's a poor organization system. When it comes to organize our spaces, we tend to stick to what we know and we are comfortable with, without really checking if the solution we have in place still works for us.​ 
An organized space is 8 times easier to keep tidy. 

And here is where is where my services can help you. I will help you organize and declutter your spaces. 
The process starts with a call to assess your needs. Once we know what is that will help you live an easier home life, I proceed with designing a home plan, along side with you, that is completely personalized and serves you or your family specifically.

My services are multiple, and suited to your needs, from weekly or daily consultations where I coach you through the declutter and

or organization of your space, to assessing the work you did on your own, correcting it along the way.
I can provide with a 
personalized home organization plan, that I will work on and deliver to you, so that you can independently work on your house. For those that want to learn how to declutter to then be able to tackle any place at any given times, I offer small one-on-one lessons specific to their needs. I can also provide a list of items useful to organize your place, complete of links on where to buy them.

The pricing varies depending on the extent of the work, the hourly rate it 40€.

As for any service I offer, you get a first free of charge consultation.

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