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George Washington’s makeup


This project never saw life: I‘ve always worked with the European market, and so did the agencies I worked for.
I still believe it‘s an easy, fun stunt, that would cost the company virtually nothing to produce, and might resonate with the audience well.

THE INSIGHT – The stigma

Men’s makeup comes with a lot of stigma, and unfortunately it's still widely uncommon.


What if we used one of the most common and popular item people carry with them, 

and use it to convey an unpopular message? 


On September 10th, International makeup day, every dollar that comes out of Sephora’s stores cash register will have a sticker on it. And the same sticker will also be given at the checkout, with a small explanation on the back.


The bills would still be perfectly valid, they’d keep on passing from one hand to another, just carrying an extra, priceless message with them.


Because makeup is for everyone. Even George Washington.

Sephora advertising campaign stunt freelance art director alice rotelli

At Sephora we believe

make up is for everyone.

As you pass this bill to the

next person and share it on

socials with the hashtag


it will convey a message:

make up is for men too.

It's a tool to empower

whoever feels like using it.

Including George Washington.

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