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My BTW Work

Here you will find my by-the-way's. Some stuff I'm passionate about and a few personal projects, that will tell you a bit more about who I am even if they are not necessarily work related.

I read. A bit too much, at times.
With that, came the niche (see: nerdy) world of ex libris: stamps people and libraries use to mark books as their own. 

I love designing them, making each unique to every person that commissioned it.​

Ex Libris & Bookplates
luuc_stamp1 copia.jpg

Flying pigs, snow in august, and then me, an Art Director that likes to write. I know, you've heard one too many today.
But after passion for  reading came the one for writing. Mix that with my bug for traveling, and you'll get why i write travel articles (and take some pics) for an Italian website, from time to time. 

The writing AD
Schermata 2021-11-07 alle 21.17.56.png

My life, 2 seconds at a time

In 2015 and in 2017  (and this year too, WIP!) I committed to a project: filming 2 seconds of my life everyday.

The camera quality at the time wasn’t great, and the content is everything but professionally relevant, but hey, it's me. And there is perseverance right there!

 Project 365 

That time we invented a drinking game.

Back when I was a student, along a team of 3 other people, we invented a game for Hasbro as a result of a D&AD New Bloods brief, and ended up winning a Graphite Pencil.


Not-so-fun-fact: The company that was suppose to help us present the project to Hasbro stole it from us launched it as their own.

 Fibster Hipster 
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