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My Dead Work

A few ideas and campaign that have won a pitch or two but never saw the light of day,

plus some I had at 3am in the shower and thought they were worth writing down.

Bear in mind: all the craft in this section is very much home made, solely for presentation sake.

 Netflix Care 


A simple but effective idea to make tv series even more impactful: creating a system for the users to be able to donate to charitable organizations they care about, in a quick and easy way.


Reporters without Borders

We usually associate censorship with the press, but truth is, censorship starts way before, with education. A simple print campaign to convey a big, uncomfortable message.

 The right to fly 


An idea to fight the refugee crisis that would cost nothing to the client, but potentially save hundreds of lives.


In a world where men's makeup still comes with a lot of stigma, an idea that uses one of the most common objects in the world to convey an uncommon message.


 George Washington’s makeup 
 Lighting is key 


To promote Volkswagen's new ambient light interior, a feature that allows the driver to change the color of the lights inside the car, 

I proved how lights are important to set the right vibe.

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