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Nike Pegasus Relay


To launch Nike brand new Pegasus 41 running shoe, the team at Soursop ideated an event of mythological proportion: on Global Running day 41 runners from all over the world took part in a 24h, 300km iconic relay.

It started off on Mount Helicon, where Pegasus, the mythological horse was born.  At midnight, the baton was picked up from the energy capsule, the relay commenced, and our athletes kept running till our finish line, 24h later, on Mount Olympus, the place mythology tells us Zeus appointed as a home for Pegasus. 

This production was incredibly intense, and required 200+ people to come to life. 

If that wasn't impressive enough: the whole campaign was pulled together in less than 2 months. 

1719481079-img_8341 copy.png
1719481199-img_8342 copy.png
1719481090-img_8340 copy.png

Executive Creative Director: Annie Chiu

Senior Art Director: Alice Rotelli

Senior Art Director: Safa Boughida

Design Director: Silje Lean
Director: Arthur Couvat
Photographers: Dani (lead), Lea Kurth, Dan King

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