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Brigs and I were called in right after Havas Paris won Acer as a client, to build their first global campaign with them.

The budget was low and the goals ambitious, but we managed to work on a tone of voice and brand strategy, and to create 6 films to highlight different features of the new Acer Swift Go 14 that was being advertised in this campaign. 

Our work was also comprehensive of key visuals and product animations.

The brand wanted to move from a very technical and matter of fact form of communication to a more human, irony driven, warm one. Which is what we tried to achieve with those films,

The films we scripted and pre-produced were then produced and post produced by Havas internal team.

Down here you can see two of the OG films, and two of our personal cuts.

Feature highlight: OLED Display

Feature highlight: Purified voice & view

Feature highlight: AI tools for creation 


Feature highlight: Long battery life


Agency: Havas Paris
Chief Creative Officer: Fabrice Plazolles

Senior Art Director: Alice Rotelli

Senior Copywriter: Brigitta Szaszfai
Project Director: Thomas Fourdinier


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