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Hello, it's the

 The Great Escapers 

But you can call us Alice & Nina.

Screenshot 2024-02-20 alle 10.44.33.png
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We met as juniors and have been friends ever since. Although our career paths diverged after a while, the ad world granted us enough trauma that our bond stayed strong as hell.

Concepting and brainstorming is our bread and oil (Italian upbringing, what can we say), so give us a juicy brief and some chairs for us to sit weirdly on and we’ll deliver something that gets people talking - almost as much as us!

Speaking of sitting, we’ve got no issues with 24h deadlines since we aren’t able to sit still for too long anyway,

in any aspect of our lives:

After a childhood spent living in 10 different countries and some time in the ad world, last year Nina went on a „short“ photography trip to the Balkans and came back six months later with a new social tourism business she runs in the Albanian Alps with the local shepherds, where she now lives a few months a year.

Meanwhile, Alice went freelance and figured that working from home wasn’t her thing, so she decided to work remotely while traveling the world, taking on projects with global clients left and right, only stopping home in Berlin every once in a while to remind the rest of us how shitty the weather is here.

we used Minecraft  to bypass press censorship around the world; by building an enormous in-game library hosting censored articles and hundreds of books.
Reporters without borders
The Uncensored Library
Kings of Indigo
Equal Pockets
A project to raise awareness over the gender pay-gap, using fashion as a metaphor to prove the point.‍
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