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Big Sixt Energy


We came up with this campaign for the car rental company, Sixt, while freelancing at 72andSunny with my copy partner, Brigitta Szaszfai. 

Sixt wanted to reframe themselves and appeal to a new audience: not only older males but a younger, more female-focused audience too. 

So to give the brand a fresh spin, we decided to flip "old car culture" (the outdated, sexist, bro-ish one) and came up with Big Sixt Energy

... Sounds awfully familiar? Yes, we did go young and wild and free and flipped “Big D*ck Energy” to make it our own. 

Big Sixt Energy is an ethos of its own. It’s the energy that unleashes your most authentic self, it’s the attitude that only a sick ride can unlock.

It’s something that a premium Sixt rental triggers in everyone and it’s not exclusive to a certain kind of rich male audience. We were excited to explore how this energy appears for young moms, a group of Gen-Z or even your grandma.

​The campaign is comprehensive of multiple deliverables: from billboards to online and offline activations, key visuals, and a sick mood film that we loved making so much. 

The mood video

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