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Hello, it's

 Ali Brigs 

Nice to meet ya.

Brigitta Szaszfai freelance copywriter
Alice Rotelli Freelance Art Director

We are a feisty creative couple with 6+ years of international experience in the advertising industry, and a passion for pitches, concepting, storytelling and all things video related.

If you wanna see us happy - tell us your darkest joke and send us into production.

Always been always original adidas originals ss22 advertising campaign alice rotelli freelance art director

Women don't need your permission, your attention, or your admiration in order to be their authentic self.

They've been Original since day one.

Adidas Originals


Always been.
Always Original.
Ultraboost 22 adidas running advertising campaign alice rotelli freelance art director
 Ultraboost 22 



More than 50% of runners are woman, but most running shoes are designed for the male foot.

Take a look at the first running shoe designed with female anatomy in mind.

Big Sixt Energy Advertising campaign alice rotelli freelance art director
Bumble advertising campaign alice rotelli freelance art director
Big Sixt Energy



Chosen Fams



Binance advertising campaign alice rotelli freelance art director
Solving world hunger




Born in Hungary, studied in London, worked in Amsterdam.
If there’s one thing she’s obsessed with then it’s scriptwriting.
And good tea.
She can be found either by her drum set, in a dog shelter,
or on the editor’s nerves in post-production.
Brutally honest, dry as a summer day in hell, and probably needs a nap right now.

Her pup is the mascot of the team. She can also be hired separately for photoshoots.

Brigitta Szaszfai Freelance Copywriter
Alice Freelance AD
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Born in Italy, based in Berlin, currently cruising around the world as a

digital nomad.
Has a bug for interior design, pottery making,

food and psychology.
She can be found on shoots, VFX sessions, or you can summon her by saying

“last minute travel plans.” out loud three times.
Talks too much, eats all the time, has lots of hair.

For a timeline of our work experience click here.

Let's chat, shall we? 

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