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Chosen Fams

This idea came to Brigitta Szaszfai and me while brainstorming for Bumble's pride campaign for a 72andSunny gig.

Research shows that coming out often means a loss of family connections for LGBTQAI+ community members. It’s not only the lack of support and appreciation in general but also having to ride solo on typically family-filled occasions - like graduation, a Christmas dinner, or your own wedding.  

Schermata 2023-06-16 alle 17.48.57.png
Schermata 2023-06-16 alle 18.00.46.png

While browsing the internet, we found out that there was a fantastic movement for the exact same purpose - people offering to step in and show up for the LGBTQAI+ community members as a chosen family. And like many local initiatives, the only thing they lacked was a platform to help make the match. 

The stars aligned, it seemed, so we couldn’t but suggest Bumble Fam: a feature where you are matched with a family if your original one is unavailable. 


A heartwarming campaign that never came to life but it did make us tear up several times during brainstorming. 

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