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Nürnburg - The city

of the uninsured

Nürnberger Versicherung

This campaign was meant to advertise the services of a private insurance company, giving it a fun and light twist to distance it from the competitors and their old-school communication approach.


During this project I was supporting a Senior AD that had worked on this concept and chose me as his sidekick. I took part of the shooting and the editing, even the props making. I was in charge of the design of the website, which I crafted myself.

The campaign aired on TV and on the client's website, and in 2019, it won a Bronze at the Effies.
Down here, the TVC, and a walk-through of the website I designed.

Website walk-through

Creative Direction: Alan Dindo & Gabriel Mattar 

Copywriter: Nikolai Diepenbrock

Art Direction: Alice Rotelli 
Director: Kai Kurve

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