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The right to fly


This project was pitched internally but it was never presented to the client, because it was perceived as „politically too risky“. I'd like to believe that there are clients that would take the risk, in order to make a point and save lives.

THE INSIGHT – ”but why don‘t they just fly?“


The refugee crisis and the incredibly unsafe trip refugees have to endure to cross the ocean to find shelter, is one on the biggest struggles of our century. "Then why don't they just fly?" Money is not the issue.

To be able to fly without travel documents,  you have to ask the airline to accept you on board as an asylum seeker. If you are not recognised as one on your arrival, the expenses for the repatriation are on them. So even if given the chance to save lives, airlines decide not to take the risk 99% of the time.

THE EXECUTION – The 2020 campaign

Lufthansa hires hundreds of people every year to model for their advertising campaigns. It’s a really well paid job, for which the company usually seeks diversity.

In 2020, Lufthansa will cast their models from a special pool of candidates. A cast that would benefit from the travel deal, and that desperately need a working visa: refugees.

Just by committing on only using refugees for their campaigns in 2020, Lufthansa would provide hundreds of people with a safe trip and a working visa to stay in the country.

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