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Illustration by Veruska

Alice Rotelli Art Director Creative Team Logo

Hello, I am Alice
Freelance Art Director
& part of a creative team.

About me

I was born in Florence, Italy, where I started off as a videomaker. I then moved into advertising and worked for We Are Social in Milan and DDB Berlin as an Art Director for 3 years before going freelance: these past 3 year I've been freelancing remotely from Berlin with my copy partner for agencies all over the world.

​In my free time I make ceramics, i have a bug for psychology & crime podcasts, and i travel around.

And a bit of a living contradiction.
I’m an art director, but I love writing. I love interior design but I'm home only 4 months a year.

I am Italian, but i don't drink coffee.

And I’m very tiny, so I learned to make up for it with a HUGE personality. 

My strengths lie in storytelling, solving creative pitches, strategy and all things video.

(directing shoots, editing, set staging, all of it!)

Say hi.

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