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Hello, I am Alice 
an Art Director
that sits weird on


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About me

I was born in Florence, Italy, where I started off as a videomaker. I then moved into advertising and worked as a Junior Digital Art Director for We Are Social Milan, and ended up moving to Berlin to work at DDB as an Art Director, where I've been for 2+ years. Currently, I'm freelancing all over Europe.

​I'm a foodie, an avid reader, a human psychology nerd, a travel junkie.

And a bit of a living contradiction.
I’m an art director, but I love writing. I have horrible handwriting, but I'm a decent calligrapher. I love interior design and set staging but my desk is always a mess. 

And I’m very tiny, so I learned to make up for it with a HUGE personality. 

My strengths lie in creative concepting and storytelling, social media and videomaking (directing shoots, editing, set staging, all of it!)


I've worked with different agencies on different clients.

Down here, a few of my favorite ones. 

Would like to work with me?
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